October 19, 2019 

The day after Mr. Stewart completed his internship under Hebru Brand Studios, Stewart flew from Chicago to St. Louis to catch the 5th anniversary gala of the Saint Louis Fashion Fund where he got his start. The gala took place in the same Neiman Marcus store in which his garments were on display. The purpose of the gala was to celebrate The Fashion Fund's successes, expand its audience, and reach more donors to fulfill their duties as a non-profit organization.

The gala featured foods, drinks, and a runway show promoting Neiman's new arrivals. Given Stewart's relationship with the Fashion Fund, he sat in the front row with the Co-Founders of the Fund (Susan Sherman & Tania Beasley-Jolly) where he was graced with a personal meet and greet with Dapper Dan during the show. A highlight of the night was photographer Suzy Gorman capturing every moment to be displayed on Vogue's website for an article on the gala.

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