During undergrad at Cornell College, Stewart captivated his college community with pop-up shops and fashion shows. Being the only label on campus, SSTEW3 served a small boutique experience on Saturdays for students and staff to enjoy. One recurring customer of SSTEW3 is Cornell College's very own President, Jonathan Brand. Stewart held his first runway show at the college under his first legal name (LEONARD) and the college published his event on the front page of their newsletter.


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Word of the successes that Stewart has led his brand to, reached Cornell alumni as well. In 2018, following Stewart's runway show, he met Cornell alumn, Dr. Kurt Kloss & Tracy Kloss (class of '85 & '83, respectively). Being from St. Louis as well, the Kloss' decided to keep in contact with Stewart. Catching up with the pair back in St. Louis, they spoke on their past experiences at Cornell and the future of their careers. In an effort to aid Stewart on his mission with SSTEW3, they decided to become sponsors for SSTEW3's Spring/Summer 2020 runway show.

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